29th May 2017
29th May 2017

The Importance of a Responsive Website

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Years ago the only method used in viewing websites was through internet-powered computers. But as time passed and with the fast growing technology-enhanced equipment, businesses must also adopt to the new trend which is creating a website that can be viewed using mobile phones.

Since websites that can be viewed using the computer were designed specifically for computer screens, then there is now a need to create another version of your website that can be viewed using mobile phones. You might be wondering why you should develop a mobile enabled website. Here are some of the reasons:

1. The growing usage of smart phones. Along with the growing popularity of smart phones, companies have now made these products affordable to the buying public, thus almost everyone, if not already owning a Smartphone, is now planning to buy one. It is widely known that smart phones are capable of browsing the internet which definitely means that you should make yourself searchable when your clients are using their smart phones.

2. Mobile internet’s increasing popularity. Based on a study, some 40% of the individuals who own a mobile phone use it for online browsing and that half of this percentage goes online at least once on a daily basis. This is a very good opportunity to grab in order to grow your business.

3. Cost-effective Since you already have a website designed for computer viewing, it will not cost you much to enhance it in order for it to suit the capacity of a mobile phone. This means that your web designer will only be adjusting your websites’ specifications in order for it to be viewed in mobile screens which are way smaller compared to computer screens. There is no need to create a new website, thus saving you time and money.

4. The usage of GPS. As we all know, GPS is widely used by people in finding directions, things, services or businesses that need. So if you do not have a mobile enable website then you will surely lose a potential client because your business will not appear in his or her GPS search.

5. Helps in SEO ranking. Your website (the one that can be viewed through computers) already have search engine optimization capabilities, now having a mobile enabled website will help you improve your SEO ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo which are also mobile-friendly.

6. Enhanced user experience Compared to the earlier days when smart phones were new, mobile browsing that time was not a very good option for individuals due to low bandwidth and slow internet speed. But now, since smart phones developers have heard about these comments/complaints, they have already enhanced the capabilities of smart phones, which means that these mobile phones can now be used for internet browsing with ease. So if you have a very well – designed mobile website, your clients will surely be happy to browse through your website and eventually use your services or buy your products.

As a business owner you should not ignore the growing popularity of mobile browsing. If you decide to create a mobile enhanced website, then do not settle for less or else you are in for a high drop in sales and client count. Deciding to create a mobile enhanced website must mean that you should aim for the best one, thus you should develop something that is interactive and with optimized contents so that your clients will get all the necessary information that they need in your website.

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