What we did

The key focus and main objective of the new-look website was to build a site for the latest EB World Congress event, this included a mobile app for both android and ios.

EB World Congress is run and owned by the Debra company, they required a website that would allow clients to book a space at the latest event being held to support people with EB, they also required an app that worked with both android and ios.

We set up a ticket system to take sales and linked this to the app that we developed, clients could track the event times, download programs and see the sponsors, upon booking a space they received a ticket with a QR code which was linked to an account they set up.

When arriving at the event they could use the mobile app to access this ticket and check-in and out at the door, the staff also had this app with an extra feature that allowed them to monitor the status of tickets and the schedule.

The app also allowed them to chat with other people at the event and send questions directly to the event speaker whilst they were on stage, allowing a completely interactive event.

Below is screenshots from within the app itself.

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