VK69 Studio

Case Overview

VK69 is a new tattoo studio and barbershop that offers a range of services to its clients. 

Our Involvement

  • Web Development
  • WordPress

Case Brief

The studio approached Validus Media, a renowned web development agency, to create a website that would help them establish an online presence and attract more clients to their business.w

Our Approach

Validus Media worked closely with VK69 to understand their business needs and created a custom website that showcased their range of services and expertise. The website featured an easy-to-navigate layout, with clear and concise content that explained the services offered by VK69.

The website also included a portfolio of VK69’s past work, demonstrating their skills and expertise in the field of tattooing. In addition to tattoo services, the website also showcased VK69’s barbershop services, providing clients with a comprehensive range of services.

The site was optimized for search engines, ensuring that potential clients could easily find VK69 online. It also featured a contact form and location information, making it easy for clients to get in touch and book appointments.

The Results