Organic and paid social strategies have their main advantages. Hence it is important to create a social strategy that combines organic and paid efforts. Planning your activity will also ensure that all communications are streamlined, positively affecting the user experience.

You have to consider how ads may be served to new and existing customers, and you may run a campaign to attract some new users and have boosted organic posts.

Always remember, social is no longer only about conversation and content. It is now an established advertising channel for customer acquisition, remarketing, and engaging existing fans. This helps in supporting ongoing retention programs. The paid social media and organic social media both have different goals.

The importance of organic social media:

Organic social media don’t cost to publish; hence your only outgoings to consider are the resources, fees, or time needed to generate the content. This includes uploading an Instagram photo, writing and then publishing a tweet, or even writing an article on LinkedIn.

Generally, the organic content is seen by followers, friends of your followers, or people who have directly come to your social channels.

Organic social media content is also important for brand

–        It ensures you have an active brand presence online

–        Is an inexpensive way to share your content such as brand updates, news, and promotions

–        Gives a space to build a community and then start a conversation with your customers

–        May be used to boosting trust and engagement

–      Us an important channel for customer services as users are moving to social media channels to ask certain questions

–        It is a free source for communicating important brand messages or updates very quickly

–        May be used as an ideal way to display and share the reviews or testimonials

The importance of social media and paid ads:

Paid social media means you have to put then spend behind the content you have to get it shown on your target audience. It also needs a lot more time and resources to have new ads generated or creative assets and refresh them regularly.

There are just so many different objectives and placements to consider when determining what kind of ad you desire to run. Having such a huge number of opportunities at your fingertips, it is essential that you plan ahead and also think of what you wish to achieve when it comes to having paid social media advertising.

Social media advertising may help you to achieve these goals:

–        Reach a huge number of highly targeted users

–        Be highly specific about the people that you wish to target

–        Increase your brand impressions

–        Build brand awareness quickly and very effectively

–        Improve the engagement with all of your existing audience

–        Increase video views

–        Drive traffic to your website

–        Generate leads

–        Start conversations with all of your new customers

–        Convert the prospects to paying customers

All of these benefits of Social Media Marketing & Paid Ads will help you grow in your online business day in and day out.

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